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Where to shop in Hong Kong

February 15, 2017

Temple Street Night Market

Arguably Hong Kong’s best market is the vibrant Temple Street Night Market in Tsim Sha Tsui. Traders set up shop as the sun starts to set and before long festivities have begun. The street transforms into a bustling bazaar with performers and fortune-tellers. A delicious scent wafts from the open-air food stalls, where you can feast on cheap eats after scoring some trinkets from the market.


Mongkok is one the most densely populated and congested districts in Hong Kong. The historic streets are light up by the bright neon signs and the area is alive with throngs of people. It is also the location of the ever-popular Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street. There are also entire streets dedicated to the sale of specialty goods such as exotic flowers, goldfish and even birds are sold in a traditional Chinese garden.

The Antique Market on Cat Street

Pick up an antique bargain along this hidden lane that runs parallel to Hollywood Road. It’s only a few steps down from the trail of incense emanating from Man Mo Temple. In recent years Cat Street has become in-vogue with those wanting to unearth special treasures and vintage-finds. There’s a range of fascinating objects to purchase as souvenirs; Ming Dynasty furniture, jade trinkets, intricate embroideries, propaganda posters or perhaps a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book?

Designer Malls

These glitzy mega-malls are a mecca for shopaholics seeking the latest designer trends. Well-heeled shoppers head to the exclusive Landmark with top-end designer flagship stores, attractive window displays, Michelin star restaurants and the Landmark Cafe, a popular hangout for local celebrities. Harbour City sits on prime real estate along Victoria Harbour. It is the biggest mall in Hong Kong and with over 600 shops you could easily spend an entire day there.

World Famous Tailors

One of the lasting influences of British colonisation is Hong Kong’s reputation for inexpensive, well-made suits. Hola Classic is an excellent place to pop-by for an affordable made-to-measure outfit.

Gough Street

Along this fashionable street you’ll find funky shops, home wares, concept stores and eateries. This area is known for it’s colonial-chic style and is commonly referred to as NoHo (North of Hollywood Road). Here you’ll locate WOAW, a lifestyle concept store that stocks on-trend goods and even has an Elephant Grounds coffee shop inside. Then head to SoHo for a bite to eat, as it’s the nearby ‘wine and dine’ neighbourhood that all the ex-pats rave about.

Precinct of Wan Chai

The narrow lanes around Star Street are the core of this up-and-coming area. Young trendsetters and creative types spill onto the pavements of this decidedly hip enclave. They peruse the wares of Hong Kong designers, fashionable boutiques, concept stores, vintage shops, funky bars and top restaurants. Noteworthy stops include the brainchild of British publishing mogul, Monocle Store, and Kapok on Sun Street that stocks carefully curated international clothing and accessories.

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