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Top ten things to do in Boston

August 20, 2015

History, culture and New England clam chowder can be found around every corner of this quaint city.

Boston is the epicentre of America’s revolutionary history and boasts the world’s highest concentration of colleges and universities. There’s a little more to the capital of Massachusetts than it’s patriotic past, academic accolades and famous clam chowder – here’s our list of the top ten things to do.

The Freedom Trail


The number one attraction in Boston is a must-do for history-buffs. The 2.5 mile historic walking trail begins on Boston Common and winds its way through the city leading to key sites of the 1775 American Revolution. There is Paul Revere’s house, Old North Church where the two momentous lanterns were hung to signal  the approach of the British fleet and the Old State House museum that displays remnants of tea from the notorious ‘tea party’.

The Freedom TrailThe trail ends at the Boston Naval Yard which is currently home to USS Constitution.

 Havard Yard


The pristine, grassy courtyard is the oldest part of Harvard University campus. You’ll spot a few freshers making their way to classes and groups of aspirational tourists standing around in awe.

Cambridge For an ‘Ivy League’ experience spend some time exploring Cambridge town to discover some student haunts or wile away an afternoon in a cute independent bookstore.

Tatte Bakery and Cafe


Tatte Bakery and Café is located along the charming Charles Street in the upmarket suburb of Beacon Hill. This chic cafe is a popular breakfast and lunch spot. Delectable offerings include crunchy haloumi salad, toasted sandwiches and shakshuka served with toasted challah bread.

Tatte BakeryThe bakery has a delightful selection of sweet treats crafted by the Israeli pastry chef, Tzurit. Tatte also brews a decent coffee.

Charles River Esplanade


Stroll along the Charles River Esplanade. Join the walkers, joggers, cyclists and sailors embracing the outdoors along the esplanade in Back Bay.

Charles River PromenadeIt’s a picturesque spot with pleasant views of Charles River and a lovely place to enjoy a picnic under the shade of the low hanging trees.

Boston Public Garden


Wander around the Boston Public Garden, another one of the city’s tranquil outdoor retreats.

Boston Public Garden bench There are a few paths to meander around, and a bench or two by the pond which are ideal for watching the elegant swans.
Back Bay Boston


An upmarket neighbourhood by the Charles River renowned for quaint rows of Victorian brownstone homes. These stately homes are best viewed along Commonwealth Ave. and Marlborough and Beacon streets.

Newbury Street is a popular shopping stretch, with everything from chain stores to high-end boutiques. If you’re peckish stop by Stephanie’s on Newbury for a bite to eat.

Legal Seafoods Calm Chowder


Sample the famous New England clam chowder (Note: pronounced ‘chow-dah’ by Bostonians). Legal Seafoods chowder is fit for the President of the United States; the recipe has been served at every U.S presidential inauguration for over 30 years.

Lobster Roll

OystersSeafood should be high on the culinary agenda, the classic Lobster Roll  (served with slaw and crisps) and freshly shucked oysters are well regarded at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

Isabelle Gardner Museum


This hidden treasure showcases a remarkable collection of master and decorative arts, housed in a 15th century Venetian-style palace in the heart of Boston. More than 2,500 paintings, sculptures, tapestries, furniture, rare books and decorative arts are on display. Among the mix you’ll spot works by Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Manet and Degas.

The museum’s interior four-storey courtyard is another highlight – a whimsical space with vibrant horticulture and striking architectural features.

Boston Public Library


It may not sound like a place to visit on a holiday, but the building is an impressive academic institution. There is also a peaceful courtyard inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, complete with archways and a pretty fountain.

Public Library The library is located on Copley Square, so be sure to swing by Trinity Church whilst you’re in the area.


Flour Bakery + Cafe is a Bostonian favourite for baked goodies. Particularly in demand are the acclaimed sticky buns which are oozing in dark, gooey caramel and topped with toasted pecans. Joanne Chang, owner of Flour Bakery and author of best-selling recipe book Baking with Less Sugar, has a Harvard Maths major to boot. If you’re not already impressed, stop by Flour Bakery to try one.

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