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The Portmanteau Press Guide to Hong Kong

February 15, 2017

Part of The Portmanteau Press travel guide series. Our Hong Kong city guide will take you on a journey to discover the best of the ‘world’s most visited city’.

Why visit Hong Kong?

The once colonial British outpost is now a thriving international hub, renowned for it’s sparkling harbour and show-stopping skyline where towering skyscrapers sit against the spectacular backdrop of the lush Victoria Peak. Hong Kong is not surprisingly the ‘world’s most visited city’.

Cultural Melting Pot

It retains influences from its colonial past, with a collision of East and West that makes it a sought-after destination for English-speaking travellers seeking a culturally rich experience. Beyond its shiny modern veneer and status as an international financial centre, there’s a deep cultural heritage to discover. Hong Kong is a melting pot with an extensive history of immigration and a longstanding Chinese heritage.

Culinary Capital

This cultural fusion is one of the reasons Hong Kong is a world-class culinary capital. The city seems almost as densely populated with Michelin star restaurants as it is with cheap Chinese food stalls. Establishments by celebrity chefs from around the world keep popping up, as restaurateurs want to showcase their skills amidst this famous foodie scene.

The city’s Chinese roots means that there is a feast of local specialities to sample – strong Hong Kong style milk tea, steaming bowls of wonton noodles, crumbly egg tarts, soft pineapple buns with melting slabs of butter, tasty bites of dim sum, an abundance of fresh seafood and classic Chinese BBQ. For the adventurous, there are even strange delicacies to taste such as snake soup.

Creative Hub

Nowadays there is a distinct contemporary cultural hub with plenty of home-grown artistic talent. With this bourgeoning scene comes boutiques, galleries and creative precincts designed to foster innovation. When there’s a young creative crowd, there’s inevitably a vibrant party scene that adds another element to Hong Kong’s already legendary nightlife.

World-class Shopping 

The city has a long-held reputation as a premier shopping destination. Visitors are spoilt for choice with bustling night markets, street-side boutiques and luxury designer malls with a wealth of international brands.

Natural Wonders

It might come as a surprise that nearly seventy percent of Hong Kong’s land is countryside; much the territory is officially protected nature reserves and marine parks. So you need not venture far to escape the hustle-bustle of the urban jungle. Retreat into Hong Kong’s peaceful surroundings and enjoy rugged natural scenery. Admire pristine gardens, hike trails around the national parks and explore secluded beaches.


However long you stay in Hong Kong and no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to discover in this vibrant metropolis. Here’s our insider’s guide to the best things Hong Kong has to offer.

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