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September 2, 2015

On the trendiest street in Copenhagen you’ll find a most unusual cafe that will be sure bring out your inner Goldilocks. 

Copenhagen has gained a reputation as a worldwide foodie destination. It’s a city that’s culinary creativity has redefined Nordic cuisine. Michelin two-starred Noma serves ‘new Nordic cuisine’ with courses presented like works of art, earning it’s widely recognised position as the best restaurant in the world.

What if I was to tell you that a restaurant in Copenhagen, that is wowing locals and visitors alike, is purely dedicated to the culinary delights of porridge? The Danish word ‘grød’ translates to ‘porridge’ (or ‘oatmeal’ in America) and the cafe Grød serves porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Grod signage

Admittedly, I was sceptical at first. Porridge is part of my daily grind. When I’m at home I eat it routinely as a healthy start to the day. I certainly don’t seek it out when I’m travelling to exciting culinary destinations.


50 Jægersborggade, Copenhagen 

The hole-in-the-wall cafe sits cosily along Copenhagen’s trendiest street, Jaegersborggade. It didn’t take long to realise I was in porridge paradise with an extensive menu of bespoke porridge offerings. It’s the perfect way to fuel up for a day of exploring the rest of the hip neighbourhood of Nørrebro.

Grod interior

The choices were seemingly endless beyond the traditional oat variety. There is also spelt cooked with soy milk, the healthy 3 grain porridge boiled with carrot juice and a gluten-free quinoa porridge cooked with rice milk. Topping choices sounded heavenly; gooseberry compote, organic peanut butter, skyr (an icelandic yoghurt), fresh berries and valrhona chocolate drops to name a few options.

The classic oat porridge heaped with home-made dulce de leche (caramel sauce), fresh apple and roasted almonds tickled my fancy. It was warming, creamy and indulgent. The caramel sauce took the unassuming breakfast dish to a whole new level, whilst the juicy apple and the crunchy almonds gave it a freshness and textural complexity. It’s an absolute must-try.

Classic oat Grod

For something a little different we opted for the spelt porridge. It had a slightly savoury edge, with a flavour comparable to rye. It was served with fresh pear, roasted hazelnuts and freeze-dried berries. The combination was wholesome, and requires a more sophisticated palate then the popular oat variety.

Grod porridge selection

If one stopped by the tiny spot for lunch or dinner; savoury meals such as tomato and basil risotto, barley-otto, spicy lentil daal or Asian-inspired rice porridge known as congee make for a creative take on post-breakfast porridge.

Overall the food from Grød was nourishing, and a warming start to the day. It will challenge your assumption of porridge as the humble breakfast staple, and open you to a world of creative porridge-y possibilities.

Grod interior shelves

If you’re on the run you can order your porridge to-go. You can also purchase freeze-dried berries, organic muesli, packets of grain and the Grød recipe book in-store.

Unlike Goldilocks, my only complaint is that it’s so filling that you won’t be able to fit in a famous cinnamon bun from Meyer’s Bakery down the road.

Visit Grod’s website for more information and to check out the seasonal menu.

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