I’m a freelance writer and photographer from Sydney, Australia. I have also lived in London, Paris, Berlin and New York City.

My wanderlust was encouraged at an early age with international trips to visit family spread across the globe; from Australia to the USA, South Africa, United Kingdom and Asia. When I moved from Sydney to London as a teenager, my family travelled to 13 different countries in the space of one year. Experiencing foreign cultures and waking up in new cities had me hooked. From then onwards I dreamed of a nomadic life filled with distant places and exotic adventures.

I’ve already been lucky enough to have visited 40+  different countries. I particularly specialise in last-minute jaunts booked impulsively and based on a fanciful whim.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at the University of Sydney in 2013. During my degree I spent time honing skills as a writer, photographer and content producer. I’ve had a variety of experiences within the media industry.

Including stints in radio, TV news reporting, multimedia at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), teaching Media and Communications at The University of Sydney and freelancing as a food and lifestyle writer + photographer for several Australian publications.

It’s one thing to travel but I believe it’s important to delve into another place and experience it like a local.  In 2013 I packed up my suitcase and bought a one-way ticket to Europe. There I travelled freely for awhile before settling down for a taste of expat life in the wonderfully creative cities of Paris and Berlin.

Whilst in Europe I immersed myself in the world of literature as a ‘tumbleweed’ (writer and resident) at the famous Parisian bookshop and literary establishment Shakespeare and Company.

Spontaneously arriving in Paris to live without speaking the language nor knowing a single soul was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. I arrived with an unashamedly literary image of 1920s Paris and left with an even deeper love for the city of light.

I eventually returned home to Australia where I began to appreciate the unique beauty of  Sydney and took advantage of the diverse destinations across my own continent. However, in early 2015 I was struck again with my wayfaring ways. This time I was bound for New York City. Living in this urban jungle has opened my eyes beyond my Woody Allen-esque romanticism. Making a home in NYC has given me an opportunity to discover the hidden gems beneath it’s shiny veneer, bright lights and plumes of subway smoke.

I am always seeking unfamiliar flavours, decent coffee, locations for an awe-inspiring photograph, striking design, new friends and stumbling upon hidden gems that don’t make it into main stream guide books. I like to go off the beaten track, seek beautiful things and avoid the tourist traps. I enjoy people watching, walking for hours without even noticing, picnics brimming with local treats and getting momentarily lost in a foreign cities. When I’m not travelling I’m dreaming of my next destination.

So fellow globetrotters, pack your bags and join me on my adventures xx

P.S. Logo design is by one of my dearest friends and crazily talented musician, Giselle Rosselli.